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Often the pages are interviews with groups, such as Wisam and Hadya’s family in Birmingham. What becomes clear in this book is the basic shared humanity of these people in a desperate plight. This isn’t the “horde” of “foreigners” that the likes of the hate-filled Mail shouts about, these are people, many of them had highly respected roles in their buy waves society – doctors, lawyers, architects, midwifes – and good homes for their families. All of which were ripped away just like that, home, loved ones, sometimes even most of their town just gone. It shows how horribly easy it is for even what seems like a stable society to be broken and produce refugees who rely on the help of their fellow humans.

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CookieDurationDescriptionCloudfarecloudfare.comFontawesomeFontawesome helps us display icons throughout our site, such as arrows, basket icons etc. No personal details are collected using this cookie.StripeWe use Stripe to take customers’ payment details when purchasing items.WooCommerceWooCommerce is used as our eCommerce platform. It enables you to add items to your basket, check out and purchase items. The project becameEscaping Wars and Waves, which was exhibited at London’s Rich Mix in December 2016 and has now been collected into a graphic novel by Myriad Editions, adding yet another vital book to their canon. The Syrian refugee crisis—effectively a diaspora now—has proven to be one of the defining humanitarian issues of the modern era. We are blessed to have creators like Kugler making sure that these people’s lives are not forgotten.

Djwan reclines in an armchair and recounts hiding out near Turkey and sneaking back home to see his mother. A migrant dies on the train tracks while presumably trying to sneak into England.

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Brown tells Syrian stories without names or identifying details. After a refugee boat capsizes, a man floats alone in the glittering Mediterranean. The story ends in Kugler’s hometown, Simmozheim, Germany, where his parents are helping a Syrian family from Deir ez-Zor adjust to their new lives. While the Syrian mother and father share stories from the war they fled, their kids crowd around. When their son Ahmed tells Kugler he no longer has nightmares, he does so in “decent” German. Their thirteenyear-old daughter, Nour, wants to be a nurse—and now goes by Nora. The drawings of people and places are fragmented and layered; the movements of hands, feet and posture overlap as the narrators move through their stories, shifting and stuttering in tandem with their journeys across borders.

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  • That’s what Kugler does so well, he enables us to see these people not as a news story, not as statistics, not as demonised figures, but to show us people, people we can see ourselves in, we can empathise with.
  • She represents a particular type of volunteer that became ubiquitous during 2015’s mass migration to Europe.
  • This book helps show that they’re all individuals with the same hopes and needs as you and I, fleeing a war they didn’t create as they try to find that elusive replacement for what was their home.

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In northern Iraq, Kugler interviews an ex-Syrian military sniper named Djwan who rents sound systems out for events. Flanked by monitor speakers and breakdancers, Djwan discusses having deserted his military post, but not before his friends were burned to death when a grenade hit their tank.

It then becomes all to easy to put yourself in their shoes and imagine what you would do, what lengths you would go to give your family a chance. Evans volunteered in the Calais Jungle for ten days in all—a weekend in October 2015, and twice more in January and February 2016. She represents a particular type of volunteer that became ubiquitous during 2015’s mass migration to Europe. They were not the employees of international NGOs who collected large salaries to sit in air-conditioned offices (in the camp at Samos, refugees decided “NGO” stood for “never go out”). They did not wear branded T-shirts or talk about “beneficiaries.” Instead, you met them running DIY kitchens just outside of island detention centers, marching in protests, or playing chess with Afghan kids in squats.

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Meanwhile, at the same time, Hadya learned that some other boats had capsized and sunk to the bottom of the sea, killing around eight hundred fellow refugees. She feared one of them was her husband and did not know how to tell their children. The tales of people losing all their money to traffickers is common, with many refugees saying they have given people everything they have to board a boat.

Refugees have been charged up to ten times the regular price of food, compared to the local population. In the English city of Birmingham, we meet Wisam and his wife, Hadya.

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Muhamed, his wife and daughters barely escaped with their lives as their home was flattened by a bomb. The book is for everyone to read, to have in the home for all age groups because it makes you value what you have. A kaleidoscopic odyssey for the era of displaced persons and disintegrating nations, this collection of dispatches from the Syrian refugee community is a fine example of humanistic journalism. Kugler’s intense graphic reportage drawings have been commissioned by Médecins cryptocurrency trading Sans Frontières and published inThe Guardian,Port,Le Monde Diplomatique and many other publications. A portfolio, ‘Waiting State’, published in Harpers, portraying Syrians Kugler met in Iraqi Kurdistan, was the overall winner of the Association of Illustrators World Illustration Awards in 2015. In November 2018, Escaping Wars and Waves won both the Prix du Carnet de Voyage International and the Coup de Coeur Médecins Sans Frontières at the Rendez-vous du Carnet de Voyage.

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This is a brilliant example of the power and versatility of the medium – engaging, informative, shocking and even heart-warming. Olivier Kugler is part of our century’s movement of journalists, like Joe Sacco, who use the 20th-century language of comics to document the world. Sacco takes us into Goražde by including himself in the drawings.

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Working with Medecins Sans Frontieres, Kugler spent more than three years gathering the stories of Syrian refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan, the Greek island of Kos and the “Jungle” in Calais. There’s a lot going on in award-winning graphic journalistOlivier Kugler’snarrative drawings of Syrian refugees. His subjects appear multiple times on a given page — a portrait, front and center, anchors the layout, but he draws his figures elsewhere, too, working or walking in the backdrop.


Often, the traffickers take all of their money and are never seen again. In Iraq, we meet some psychologists who have formed a mental health team to care for refugees. Their plight is tough, for Syrian men tend to view any offer to aid their mental health as an affront to their masculinity.

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